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Amokabel Australia Pty. Ltd. manufactures special cables to suit customer's requirements. These cables could be a Composite Type which may consist of various combinations of Cabling Elements or simply non-standard Types which are not kept as a Stock Item by the general cable industry. 

Amokabel Australia with their professional engineering experience can design and manufacture cables for clients' special applications. Our technical staff will be pleased to assist clients to formulate their design, and prepare it for manufacturing with short leadtime.

Special cables


Nylon jacket

Description: Amokabel can apply a Nylon Jacket over any of the following cables:

  • All products from the original Euro-Tech Cables range of Standard Products with Diameter between 5 to 36mm. 

  • Cables specially designed by Euro-Tech Cables to suit your application and specifications. 

  • Your presupplied cable who's diameter is between 5 to 36mm

Application: Nylon provides a guard against termites and ants.
Option: A PVC Sacrificial Sheath may also be applied over the nylon for protection during installation.


Polyurethane Sheath

Description: A tough and abrasion resistant flexible sheathing which may be applied either over existing cables or during manufacturing as an alternative to conventional PVC.

Application: Rugged Installations.


Rubberized PVC

Application: Applied as sheathing on cables to enhance such properties as flexibility and durability in comparison to conventional PVC Sheathed Cables. 


Blue Intrinsically Safe

Application: Blue PVC, normally used in Petrochemical Plants, Oils Refineries or similar areas for cable identification. 


Steel Wire Armoured Cables

Description: Steel Wire Armouring involves the wrapping of multiple Galvanised Steel Wires around existing cables or newly manufactured cables plus a further PVC retainer sheath.

Application: For mechanical protection or if direct burial is required.


Cables Suitable for Armouring

All products from the Amokabel range of Standard Products with diameter between 4 to 12mm as well as cables specially designed by Amokabel to suit your application and specifications. 

Your presupplied cable at the discretion of Amokabel's management.

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